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Before the start of the TV game, players decide which version to play:  WET or DRY
(In the wet version, all players must drink a shot whenever there is a turnover).


Pigskin Match'em GameOne person serves as the permanent Dealer.  There is no advantage in being the dealer, it’s just easier that way.


Each player antes 4 chips and is dealt 5 cards… 1 at a time, face down, clockwise, regardless of actual seating.  NOTE:  Chips are not included with Pig$kin Match’em™.  If chips are not available, U.S. currency makes an excellent substitute.


The game is designed for up to 8 players. For gatherings of more than 8, we suggest adding an additional deck and splitting participants into 2 roughly equal groups.  The more Pig$kin Match’em decks, the more friends that can participate.


The game begins with the opening kickoff.  When TV action matches any of the cards in your hand, you may discard all that apply (including the Match’em Wildcard).  Discards are face up in front of the dealer, so they can be verified as valid.


NOTE:  Players should wait until on-field action is official before discarding.  Late penalty flags and video replays often overturn results; in which case played cards are returned.  Once the play clock re-starts, discards are re-added into the un-played deck.


If there is an accepted penalty on the field, all players not holding a Penalty card must ante another chip.  Players holding a Penalty card may discard it to avoid having to ante.


Players holding more than 1 Penalty card have the option to play as many as they choose on any given penalty.  NOTE: Match’em Wildcards cannot be played as a Penalty card.


If there is a turnover, all players are dealt an additional card.  (In the wet version, they must also drink a shot).  If the turnover also results in a score, applicable SCORE cards are played before additional cards are dealt each player.  In effect, no hand can be won on a turnover.


During TV timeouts, players may choose to buy a replacement for any card in their hand for 1 chip.


The first player to discard all their cards wins the hand.  If 2 or more players both go out on the same play, they split the pot.  The dealer then adds all cards to the un-played deck and re-shuffles for the next hand.


The next hand begins following any official break in the action, such as a timeout.  When the TV game ends, the player(s) with the fewest cards in their hand wins or splits the last pot.